Suspended / False Ceilings

Suspended and false ceilings Birmingham UK

Suspended ceilings are not only decorative and functional but can provide acoustic and thermal insulation as well as improving sound quality in critical areas. We can provide and install ceilings supplied by all the major manufacturers including Armstrong, OWAcoustics, Ecophon, Danogips and many more. We can also provide suspended plasterboard ceilings either flat, sloping, curved or in other designs.

big-tickBenefits of a Suspended Ceiling

  • Better sound quality by improving acoustics and reducing noise
  • Lower energy bills by improved insulation
  • Added hygiene by controlling moisture
  • Increased safety by using proper fire insulation

There’s no end to the places you can use suspended ceilings. Our suspended ceilings are installed in shops, offices, hotels, cinemas, churches, clubs, pubs, schools, hospitals, factories, warehouses and more right across the country. And with an ever-increasing range of styles and colours, your suspended ceiling will look great too.

We offer a complete installation service throughout the UK, we use only the best materials from the very best suppliers and we can design and install suspended ceiling systems tailored to your particular budget and tastes.

big-tickSuspended ceiling insulation

Suspended ceiling insulation is lightweight and inexpensive to fit with the benefit of keeping you warmer and saving you money. We offer a comprehensive range of performance systems for special applications such as swimming pools and sports centres.

big-tickAcoustic benefits with your suspended ceiling

We provide a large range of acoustical ceilings offering a combination of sound absorption and sound attenuation for blocking unwanted noise from outside whilst enhancing sound quality from within. Noise transfer can be reduced within large open spaces and aural privacy and confidentiality can also be maintained where necessary.