Plasterboard Ceilings

Plasterboard ceilings

Plasterboard ceilings offer a high level of flexibility in their design as there is no need for a ceiling tile and grid system to be installed. Bespoke plasterboard ceilings can be easily designed to fit unusual structural elements within a building whilst still maintaining a smooth solid finish once the plasterboard has been skimmed and finished with a coating of paint. Plasterboard ceilings can be installed in a variety of designs including flat, sloping or curved ceilings.

Plasterboard ceilings can still be designed with a maintenance area between the original ceiling and the plasterboard ceiling to conceal unsightly wiring and ducting with ceiling access panels cut in to allow for maintenance.

big-tickPlasterboard ceiling lighting

Plasterboard ceilings are ideal for complex or intricate lighting systems allowing for greater flexibility in the type of ceiling lighting to be used such as spotlights .Plasterboard ceiling systems have become a key element of energy conservation and a well designed plasterboard ceiling with high light reflectance improves space illumination, allowing for fewer light fixtures, a reduced electrical light output and lower maintenance costs.

big-tickPlasterboard ceiling insulation

Plasterboard ceiling insulation is lightweight and inexpensive to fit with the benefit of keeping you warmer and saving you money. We offer a comprehensive range of performance systems for special applications such as swimming pools and sports centres. These ceilings can be designed to meet both fire rated and non fire rated applications

big-tickAcoustic benefits with your plasterboard ceiling

We provide a large range of acoustical ceilings offering a combination of sound absorption and sound attenuation for blocking unwanted noise from outside whilst enhancing sound quality from within. Noise transfer can be reduced within large open spaces and aural privacy and confidentiality can also be maintained where necessary.