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Glass Partitions Bromsgrove, Redditch, Droitwich

We are a specialist glass partitioning company covering the northern Worcestershire area, including Bromsgrove, Redditch and Droitwich. At Davroy, we are experienced in helping you to find the right glass partitions for your company. We pride ourselves on providing a quick and highly efficient service, installing bespoke glass partitioning solutions to suit your needs, all whilst ensuring that we give excellent customer care.

Glass partitions can serve a number of different purposes in the workplace. For example, you may choose glass partitions:

  • To separate a large office into smaller working areas – in some cases, if sharing a large office space, it makes sense to split up different departments. Glass partitions can also be used to create meeting rooms within an office, so that employees have more privacy should they hold a meeting.
  • To decrease noise – a popular reason for installing glass partitioning solutions in the workplace is to reduce the noise level that can be created in large open plan environments. If certain members of staff require a low noise level in order to be productive, rather than being distracted by loud discussions or phone calls, glass partitions can help to reduce the noise level in different parts of the office.
  • To provide a different element of design for your building – glass partitions can create a modern design element for your office.
  • To increase the amount of natural light in the office – whereas traditional partitions or walls can create a gloomy atmosphere by blocking out natural light, glass partitions allow for natural daylight to pass through. It is much healthier for employees to be exposed to natural light rather than fluorescent lights and as a result can improve productivity.

big-tickWe tailor our glass partitions just for you

If you are looking for glass partition solutions in Bromsgrove, we are the company to provide you with what you need. We can provide a wide range of glass partitioning systems in different frames, finishes, thicknesses and sizes, depending on your requirements. We can also provide blinds or partially solid partitions to help increase privacy. We always ensure that our products are hardwearing and of the highest quality

big-tickOur glass partitioning services can include:

  • Straight or curved glass
  • Silicone or silicone free jointed
  • A range of designs and finishes
  • Professional fitting
  • A variety of colours
  • Professional installation

At Davroy, we are proud of our customer service and will treat you as a valued customer throughout, from an initial consultation, to cleaning up after installation. For more information on glass partitioning services in Redditch, Bromsgrove, Droitwich or the surrounding areas, call us on 0121 325 0899